Parole Board: Victims Speak (LMN)

Picked up for a pilot by LMN, the potential series  examines the effects and reactions of two families as the perpetrators of brutal crimes against them come up for parole hearings. As the families — one in Kentucky and one in New Hampshire — confront the men who murdered and maimed their loved ones and themselves, they find themselves confronting a system that could see the criminals put back on the streets. 

Premieres March 22nd @ 11pm ET on LMN.


Directed by
Joe Berlinger
Kevin Huffman
Directors of Photography
Jonathan Furmanski
Tony Hardmon
Additional Editing
Conor Flynn
Rosanna Herrick
Executive Producers
Megan Sanchez-Warner
Laura Michalchysyn
Joe Berlinger
Jon Kamen
Dave O'Connor
Justin Wilkes
Joshua L. Pearson