Homicide Life on the Street - Identity Crisis (NBC)

Season 7: Episode 19 "Identity Crisis"
A man is found murdered -- with his nose removed -- in his own backyard. To solve this case, Mike Giardello (Giancarlo Esposito) plumbs the depths of the Federal Witness Protection program, only to conclude that his FBI bosses aren't being up-front with him. Elsewhere, a bartender at a strip club is killed, the medical examiners "misplace" the identity of a corpse, and Gharty's (Peter Gerety) drinking increases.


Directed by 
Joe Berlinger 
David Simon 
Paul Attanasio
David Simon 
Tom Fontana 
Eric Overmyer 
Willie Reale
Executive Producers 
Jim Finnerty 
Tom Fontana 
Barry Levinson 
Director of Photography 
Alex Zakrzewski
Deborah Moran 
Co-Executive Producers
Julie Martin
James Yoshimura
Deborah Moran
Music by
Douglas J. Cuomo