Addiction (HBO)

Several of the nation’s leading experts on drug and alcohol addiction, together with a group of accomplished filmmakers, assembled to create ADDICTION, an unprecedented documentary aimed at helping Americans understand addiction as a treatable brain disease. It is a subject that touches all our lives. One in four Americans has a family member who is struggling with addiction. Currently, addiction affects over 22 million Americans, yet fewer than ten percent of those individuals are receiving treatment. The documentary addresses different aspects of the disease in order to shed light on the most current, promising developments in the field. Through personal stories from addicts and the loved ones who struggle to help them find treatment, common misconceptions are replaced by insight into addiction’s complexity.

Drug Courts are an alternative to incarcerating repeat, non-violent drug felons. In lieu of jail, addicts are mandated to receive comprehensive treatment, which often reduces relapses and re-arrests. There are almost 1600 drug courts in the United States. In this short film, a drug court in South Boston, MA is profiled, showing how the criminal justice system supervises long-term treatment for drug court clients.


Directed & Produced by
Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky 
Produced by
Michael Bonfiglio 
John Hoffman
Susan Froemke 
Edited by
Charlene Rule
Executive Producer
Sheila Nevins
Directors of Photography 
Bob Richman & Don Lenzer
Sound Recordists 
Edward O'Connor & Frank Coakley