Judgement Day: Should the Guilty Go Free (HBO)

Each year in the United States, over 200,000 prisoners face a parole board that must make the difficult judgment of whether these convicted criminals are ready to gain their freedom and return to society. This documentary focuses on three inmates in Louisiana, Nevada, and Massachusetts with a range of chilling crimes - a father's murder by his troubled son, a crime of passion by a respected NASA scientist, and a shooting/robbery on the streets of Las Vegas. Incorporating interviews of key characters with extensive testimony footage and reenactment sequences that explore the life and crime of the inmate, the film vividly examines the conflicting needs of the victim, the criminal, and the community while testing our own notions of justice.


Directed by
Joe Berlinger 
Produced by
Sidney Beaumont 
John Hoffman
Gayle Kirschenbaum
Nat Segaloff
Vincent Stenerson
Executive Producers
Sonny Grosso
Larry Jacobson
Sheila Nevins
Director of Photography 
Jim Dollarhide
Music by
Domenic Troiano
HBO Production Executive
Susan Benaroya