Iconoclasts Season 6 (Sundance Channel)

Iconoclasts, broadcast for 6 critically acclaimed seasons on SundanceTV, has featured an unprecedented roster of contemporary innovators, celebrating the best in art, cinema, music, cuisine, sports and philanthropy. Every half-hour episode of Iconoclasts pairs two creative visionaries from different fields in an intimate setting allowing them to discuss their lives, influences, passions and creative processes.  These interactions allow the viewer extraordinary access to the unpredictable exchanges between these two icons that reveal each participants life’s work and the alchemy of their different fields.

ACTOR James Franco + Marina Abramovic ARTIST
In the Season 6 premiere, the unpredictable James Franco visits boundary-pushing performance artist, Marina Abramovic. While she covers him in gold leaf to turn him into a living statue, the two discuss the creative risks that have defined their work.

Iconoclasts goes behind-the-scenes with Apatow + Dunham, as they discuss their collaborative process on the hit series Girls and their experiences in Hollywood, as a seasoned vet (Apatow) and a relative newcomer (Dunham).  The episode features a rare look at how television gets made, as well as a tour of Judd’s Los Angeles’ offices and Lena’s new Brooklyn apartment.  

PRODUCER Seth MacFarlane + Norah Jones MUSICIAN
Having previously combined forces on Seth’s Grammy Award-winning album, Music Is Better Than Word, Norah and Seth explore their latest collaboration in MacFarlane + Jones.  Against the backdrop of Norah’s New York recording studio, Family Guy creator Seth and award-winning musician Jones meet to record the soundtrack for MacFarlane’s feature film, Ted, and discuss the unexpected paths that brought them to success.

MODEL Christy Turlington Burns + Tory Burch DESIGNER
Turlington + Burch will closely examine the careers of two fashion icons from different sides of the industry who are dedicated to empowering other women. Beginning behind the scenes at Tory’s spring 2013 New York City fashion show, Tory and Christy share their personal passions: for Tory it’s mentoring female entrepreneurs, while Christy advocates and supports mothers globally via Every Mother Counts.

CHEF Jamie Oliver + Paul Smith DESIGNER 
Oliver + Smith will offer an entertaining behind-the-scenes journey into the unique and creative relationship of two of Great Britain’s most prolific, quirky and globe-trotting men.  Jamie Oliver, a chef-turned-food-activist, and his longtime mentor and inspiration Sir Paul, one of the world’s most successful menswear designers, will give a look into each other’s respective workplace and explore how they have turned their very personal sensibilities into global influences.

ATHLETE Kareem Abdul-Jabbar + Chuck D. MUSICIAN
Basketball legend, historian and social activist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joins Chuck D, hip-hop’s most colossal and positive voice, in this episode of Iconoclasts. Having previously joined forces to create a documentary about the richness of the Harlem Renaissance, Chuck and Kareem share combined passions for jazz music and basketball.  Intertwining their ideals, their work shines a light on untold stories from African-American history and encourages activism. The discussions of these two outspoken, intellectual, and influential voices in contemporary society creates an engaging and thought-provoking episode, which delves into race relations, history and cultural influence.


Directed by
Joe Berlinger
Bruce Sinofsky 
Michael Bonfiglio 
Caroline Suh
Caroline Suh
Audrey Costadina 
Andrew Flakelar
Louise Shelton
Jill Schweitzer
Alex Horwitz 
David Mehlman 
Neal Usatin 
Executive Producers 
Robert Redford 
Jon Kamen 
Frank Scherma 
Justin Wilkes 
Sidney Beaumont 
Jon Doran
Joe Berlinger
Michelle Beauchamp 
Directors of Photography 
Bob Richman 
Luke McCoubrey
Jonathan Furmanski
Rachel Morrison