Iconoclasts Season 5 (Sundance Channel)

Iconoclasts, broadcast for 6 critically acclaimed seasons on SundanceTV, has featured an unprecedented roster of contemporary innovators, celebrating the best in art, cinema, music, cuisine, sports and philanthropy. Every half-hour episode of Iconoclasts pairs two creative visionaries from different fields in an intimate setting allowing them to discuss their lives, influences, passions and creative processes.  These interactions allow the viewer extraordinary access to the unpredictable exchanges between these two icons that reveal each participants life’s work and the alchemy of their different fields.

Jane Goodall PRIMATOLOGIST + ACTRESS Charlize Theron
Award winning Primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall welcomes Academy Award® winning actress Charlize Theron to the Tchimpounga sanctuary in the Republic of Congo, where Goodall works to save endangered, orphaned chimpanzees. Theron is introduced to adolescent chimps as she and Dr. Goodall discuss the issues facing the young people of Africa and the African wildlife.  Charlize explains how the loss of her father at a young age affected her, while Dr. Goodall describes what it was like being sent into the dense African Jungle in her early twenties and discovering just how similar chimpanzees are to humans.  The episode also features Theron working with the young people of South Africa teaching them how to protect themselves from AIDS.

Lenny Kravitz MUSICIAN + FILMMAKER Lee Daniels
Grammy Award winner Lenny Kravitz welcomes his close friend and collaborator Producer/Director Lee Daniels to the secluded island paradise of the Bahamas, where Kravitz lives and works.  The two discuss their collaborations on both the film PRECIOUS, Daniels’ Oscar-winning film, and on his upcoming drama, SELMA, about Martin Luther King, Jr., and the fight for Civil Rights, in which Kravitz will act. Kravitz shares his process with Daniels in his personal recording studio and Daniels does some Hollywood wheeling and dealing on the phone in his hotel room. The episode ends on a highpoint, as Kravitz plays Daniels the song he has written for SELMA for the first

Hugh Jackman ACTOR + CHEF Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Tony Award ® winning actor Hugh Jackman and world renowned chef Jean Georges Vongerichten who are friends and neighbors. The two discuss their creative processes, the importance of family and taking risks, all while putting together a benefit dinner at Jean-Georges’ new restaurant, ABC Kitchen. Vongerichten and Jackman shop for the dinner they are preparing, and Hugh takes Jean-Georges to boxing practice where he is preparing for his next role.   The episode culminates with the presentation of delicious gourmet dinner prepared by Hugh and Jean-Georges.

David Blaine ILLUSIONIST + ARTIST Chuck Close
The award winning visual artist Chuck Close and the legendary illusionist and endurance artist David Blaine show how they manipulate reality and ignore accepted limits to create awe-inspiring work. While on the surface it might seem that the work of these two friends is completely divergent, Close and Blaine are both driven by a desire to challenge notions of reality and defy expectations. The pair demonstrate their various tricks and reveal the meticulous technique and unwavering dedication to hard work behind their art. The episode features the artists visiting various studios and museums in New York City and even includes a trip to Houdini's grave.

Cate Blanchette ACTRESS+ ECO-SCIENTIST Tim Flannery
Academy Award® winning actress Cate Blanchett and eco-scientist Tim Flannery. Blanchett shows Flannery around the Sidney Theatre Company, discusses her work as co-artistic director and reveals her plans to green the theatre with high-tech solar panels. Blachett follows Flannery to the Sidney Zoo where the two come face-to-face with the nearly extinct Komodo dragon. Tim shares his plans to reintroduce the animal back into the Australian wild. The friends then travel to North Head, the place where the earth nearly died, to understand the stark risks of not taking actions towards fighting climate change. 

Ron Howard DIRECTOR + ATHLETE Steve Nash
Director Ron Howard and the Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash share a mutual love of filmmaking and sports, watch film dailies and play a game of one-on-one.


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Executive Producers
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Bob Friedman
Justin Wilkes 
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Directors of Photography 
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