Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio (Spike TV)

Unfolding in real time, GONE: THE FORGOTTEN WOMEN OF OHIO, a gripping eight-part documentary series follows Academy Award nominated filmmaker, Joe Berlinger, as he investigates a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances in the small rust-belt town of Chillicothe, Ohio. With the help of forensic analyst, Angela Clemente, and former FBI special agent, Steve Bongardt, the team pursues intriguing new leads to track down the killer or killers in the hope of providing answers for the grieving families. But what begins as the hunt for a possible serial killer, quickly evolves into something much more sinister.  Uncovering shocking allegations of forced prostitution, violent street retribution, and alleged police corruption, GONE is a thrilling investigation into the dangerous underworld of heroin and sex trafficking that is devouring southern Ohio and the nation. 


Directed by
Joe Berlinger
Series Showrunner
Catharine Park
Executive Producers (Spike TV)
Justin Lacob
Produced by
Joe Berlinger
Series Producer
Billy Shebar
Executive Producers (RadicalMedia)
Dave O'Connor
Jon Kamen
Jon Doran
Justin Wilkes