10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America (History Channel)

From the first massacre of Native Americans to the single bloodiest day in American history, from a courtroom battle of science vs. religion that still rages today to the racial murders that led to the Voting Rights Act, these are the events that tested America’s soul and forged her destiny.

10 one-hour documentaries directed by 10 award-winning independent filmmakers, highlighting individual days that triggered change in America. Through compelling storytelling and innovative visuals, the series provides a portrait of the evolution of a nation as it addresses the tensions and contradictions at the heart of the American democratic experiment. 2006 Emmy winner for “Outstanding Nonfiction Series.


Outstanding Non-Fiction Series 
Emmy Awards


Directed by 
Joe Berlinger 
Written and Produced by
Michael Bonfiglio and Rachel Dawson 
Narrated by
Terry Kinney
Executive Producer 
Joe Berlinger 
Directors of Photography 
Bob Richman
Michael Neumann
Music by
Wendy Blackstone
Executive Producer For the History Channel
Susan Werbe
Edited by
Kristine Smith