Berlinger to Develop and Exec. Produce Elvis Presley Manager Biopic ‘The Colonel’

"Production is slated for early 2018. Parker, who died in 1997 at age 87, arrived in America as a 20-year old undocumented Dutch immigrant, and took great pains to hide his past. Before leaving Holland, he might have committed murder."

"August 16 will mark the 40th anniversary of Presley’s death. Parker, who died in 1997 at age 87, exerted iron-clad control of his star, but “his personal life was a dangerous and well-orchestrated charade,” according to the filmmakers, whose movie will be based on Alanna Nash’s exhaustive 2003 biography The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story Of Colonel Tom Parker And Elvis Presley. The team will work from an outline developed by Nash and Berlinger, and Nash will co-write the screenplay."

Berlinger writes: “Throughout my career I have tackled unexpected and surprising stories, going beyond the easy headline to get to the truth of the real story.  And in The Colonel, I see the same exciting opportunity. I am thrilled to go beneath the surface and tell this story with partners like Spencer, Alanna, and Steve [...] Not only are they incredibly talented, but they are also the people who know the music world and have a deep and personal knowledge of the Colonel, and the impact that he had on America’s most revered cultural icon.”

Berlinger's latest Docuseries On Missing Ohio Women to premiere in July on Spike

"Directed and executive produced by Berlinger, Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio tells a tragic story that has plagued the small town of Chillicothe, OH, over the past few years. Six women mysteriously disappeared. Four of the victims’ bodies have been discovered, while two women remain missing. The investigation, which is still active and happening in real time, has extended to additional cities in the region as the body count has expanded beyond the original six."


"[Michael] Costigan [of COTA Films] hailed the script and Berlinger’s past documentaries in predicting the mix will be strong.

"The script earned Werwie the coveted Nicholl Fellowship first prize and landed on the Black List." 

"The project follows the dysfunctional relationship between Bundy and his long-time girlfriend Liz. Bundy, a killer and rapist of young girls and women who was notoriously charming, was executed in Florida in 1989."

"The film will be directed by Joe Berlinger, the Oscar-nominated film-maker whose credits include the Paradise Lost documentaries, about the West Memphis Three, who were convicted and later cleared of the murder of three eight-year-olds, and Some Kind of Monster, about the heavy metal band Metallica."

"Helmed by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger and penned by Michael Werwie, the film takes the perspective of Bundy's longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer, who went years denying the accusations against Bundy before ultimately turning him in to the police."

Berlinger's Latest, Acclaimed Doc "Intent to Destroy" takes unwavering look at Armenian Genocide

"'[This documentary] doesn’t shy away from complicating matters [...] ultimately producing a smart and affecting portrait of the powerful effects of living in a culture, where media can both reflect and create—and even remarkably distort—an entire lost history."

"[Berlinger]'s latest work, 'Intent to Destroy', focuses on both the making of Terry George's melodrama The Promise, and the entertainment industry's history of suppressing the 1915 Armenian genocide."

"Joe Berlinger, who embedded with the 'Promise' production to shoot a documentary about the genocide, said everyone on the set was concerned about safety."

"What Berlinger has produced will give you chills. 'Intent to Destroy' is unlike any other historical account...Berlinger ingeniously weaves vérité behind-the-scenes footage with interviews and archival material. The result is a framework that ties the past to the future, reminding us that our history is alive in every decision we make."

"The viewing of Joe Berlinger’s 'Intent to Destroy' will likely be a revelatory experience for moviegoers as it winds its way through the festival circuit in the coming months."

"Off the heels of the release for 'The Promise,' 'Intent to Destroy' sheds an emotional light on reality. A reality many find themselves quite offended when they come across Holocaust deniers, or deniers of the Cambodian Killing Fields, Bosnia, or Rwanda."

"Berlinger has a knack for cutting through the fog and drawing sharp lines where the truth previously had been blurry. And yet, tackling a century-old, international legacy of denial might be his greatest challenge so far."

"A harrowing film that will open many Western eyes about not just what the Armenian Genocide was, but why it has been largely forgotten in the United States due to a successful Turkish campaign of denial, 'Intent to Destroy' is a must-see."

additional episode greenlit due to progress with BERLINGER'S real-life investigation OF RICHARD GLOSSIP

"The new installment will pick up where the series leaves off, with the first four episodes of Killing Richard Glossip having premiered exclusively on ID in a two-day event starting April 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT."

"With our cameras capturing both the work of Glossip's legal team as well as our own investigation, we have documented several important new discoveries and leads that are critical to Richard Glossip's legal case," said Berlinger. "As the clock ticks down to what could be the final days of Glossip's life, we are gratified that ID will air a fifth episode later this spring to give viewers - and the State of Oklahoma - the latest developments on this ever-evolving case, and to provide deeper exploration into some of the leads uncovered in the first four episodes, in order to help prevent a tragic miscarriage of justice."

Lots of buzz for launch of Berlinger's 4 part series Killing Richard Glossip

Joe Berlinger speaks on MSNBC Live about Arkansas's halted execution plans and the importance, now more than ever, of brining just to Glossip's case:

WNYC's The Takeaway hosts Joe Berlinger and his documentary, which "sheds new light on death row case." 

“Documentaries can demonstrate problems that authorities will then take notice of and do something about,” Berlinger tells Fast Company. “Sometimes, they also bring private citizens into the action who want to help and donate money and take charge, which is what happened with Paradise Lost.”

"Director Joe Berlinger believes personal liberty is a fundamental American value."

"Lawyers for the US state of Arkansas have vowed to overturn court orders prevents an unprecedented series of executions this week." Joe Berlinger speaks with Sky News about the latest.

“I think why it’s so important to get a story like this out is you have a power system in place with politics and money feeding it, and they have their way with human beings,” Sister Helen Prejean, long-time death penalty advocate, exclaims.

Tribeca Fest Coal Doc ‘From The Ashes’ (with EP Joe Berlinger) Picked Up by National Geographic

"From the Ashes is produced by RadicalMedia and Sidney Beaumont, and executive produced by Joe Berlinger, as well as Jon Kamen, Katherine Oliver and Justin Wilkes, in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies. National Geographic Documentary Films plans a limited theatrical release this summer, and the film will air globally on National Geographic later in 2017."

"The film explores the reality of coal's role in climate change while offering insight into solutions that could help revive the struggling economies of dying mining towns and still safeguard the environment." (National Geographic Global Networks CEO Courteney Monroe)


Is the state of Oklahoma about to execute an innocent man? That chilling question is at the heart of this all-new real-time documentary series, created and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger, who has dedicated his career to exposing abuses in the criminal justice system. 

"In Killing Richard Glossip, Berlinger said he’s not pushing anti-death penalty views, but thinks the case is deeply troubling because he doesn’t believe Glossip had due process."

"The main aim of a cause-focused documentary is to raise awareness and generate support. Sometimes, however, they can do a lot more than that. They can change viewer’s minds, prolong investigations, and sometimes even smoke out a credible witness who never came forward."

KILLING RICHARD GLOSSIP, a world premiere two-night event, kicks off Monday, April 17 at 9/8c exclusively on ID, with the network offering a special sneak peek of the premiere episode for free on ID GO starting on Monday, April 10th. 

BuzzFeed Teams Up with EP Joe Berlinger & NBCU's Wilshire Studios to Develop True-Crime TV Series

"The series will be inspired by the reporting of BuzzFeed News senior national reporter Katie J.M. Baker, who reported on the still-unsolved death of Jessica Chambers, who was set on fire in December 2014."

"For BuzzFeed, meanwhile, the deal with NBCUniversal brings in [...] the kind of network power that can bring in directors like Joe Berlinger, and can help the shows that are produced get a much wider viewing. That will help BuzzFeed as it prepares for a potential IPO next year."

“Jessica’s heartbreaking story continues to spark tremendous public interest largely due to the groundbreaking reporting by BuzzFeed News. We look forward to re-examining this very gruesome and controversial murder through Joe Berlinger’s creative lens, and bring to life his unparalleled vision in the true crime documentary genre.” (Dawn Olmstead, executive vice president, development, Wilshire Studios)

"The opportunity to partner with Wilshire Studios and Buzzfeed with the goal of digging into the case and hopefully providing some answers for the family and community still struggling in its aftermath is the reason I got into this business.” (Joe Berlinger)

Berlinger's "Hank: Five Years from the Brink" Listed As Top 5 Docs About Money on Netflix by Business Insider

"Directed by Academy Award nominee Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost TrilogySome Kind of Monster), the film features both Paulson and his wife Wendy, presenting a compelling portrait what it’s like to balance leadership and a marriage under inconceivable pressure."