Paradise Lost 1: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996)

On May 6, 1993, the mutilated bodies of three eight-year-old West Memphis, Arkansas boys were discovered in a shallow creek along Interstate 40. The small town demanded justice and the police delivered: three local teenagers who were accused of belonging to a Devil worshipping cult and of killing the little boys in a Satanic ritual. Although the trial produced very little hard evidence, the town, the jury and the police felt they had their killers. But many unanswered questions still linger. After the verdicts came in, the town was able to sleep again. After seeing the film, you may not be able to. 

PARADISE LOST is the true story of the most notorious murder case in Arkansas history. The filmmakers captured these shocking events as they unfolded before their cameras with unprecedented access to all the players in this real-life human drama. Is the Devil alive and well in Arkansas or have three innocent teenagers been framed?


Outstanding Achievement in Informational Programming, Editing
1996-97 Primetime Emmy Awards
Best Documentary
National Board of Review of Motion Pictures
Peabody Award for Broadcast and Cable Excellence
Official Selection 
Sundance Film Festival
Best Documentary
Directors' Guild of America


Directed, Produced, and Edited by
Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky
Director of Photography 
Bob Richman
Trial Segment Editor
M Watanabe Milmore
Executive Producer 
Sheila Nevins 
Associate Producer
Loren Eiferman
Music by
Coordinating Producer
Jonathan Moss
Second Camera
John Thoma